A Csomád gázömléseinek térképezése és CO2 vizsgálata

Mapping and CO2 analysis of the gas-emissions of Ciomadul volcano


  • SZALAY Roland
  • KIS Boglárka-Mercedesz
  • HARANGI Szabolcs
  • PALCSU László
  • IMECS Zoltán


Csomád, CO2, gázomlés, geodinamika, térképezés


The Eastern Carpathian Neogene to Quaternary volcanic chain and its surrounding areas contain most of the carbon-dioxide rich gas emissions in Romania, which occur in the form of natural mofettes, bubbling pools and springs. The motivation of our work is to gather real time and in-situ information with the help of Multi-Gas instrument about the composition of the gas-emissions across the Ciomadul volcano and to create a high resolution geological map from the measured sites. Furthermore, we would like to study the possible relationships between the tectonic characteristics of the study area and the manifestation and composition of the gas-emissions.


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