Egy összetett kitörési eseménysorozat nyomai a Bükkalján (Észak-Magyarország): a Kács Egység

Signs of complex eruption events at the Bükk Foreland (Northern-Hungary): the Kács Member


  • HENCZ Mátyás
  • BÍRÓ Tamás
  • CSERI Zoltán
  • NÉMETH Károly
  • SZAKÁCS Alexandru
  • MÁRTON Ernő
  • PÉCSKAY Zoltán
  • KARÁTSON Dávid


Bükkalja, freatomagmatizmus, paleomágnesség, piroklaszt-szórás, granulometria


A stratified, complex volcanic succession occuring at Kács (Bükk Foreland Volcanic Area, Northern-Hungary) belonging to the Lower Pyroclastic Complex was documented in detail in this work. The tephra-generating volcanic processes were inferred based on the volcanological and granulometric features of the deposits as follows: at least three Plinian eruptions (I-III) produced fallout tephra separated by paleosol horizons recording inter-eruptive quiescence periods. Several features of the earliest eruption sequence suggest a phreatomagmatic eruption style. Regional correlation attempts are supported by paleomagnetic rotation data, which helped the classification of the sequence right below to the Middle Pyroclastic Complex.


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