Újszerű geofizikai mérések alkalmazása a hidrogeológiában és a mérnökgeofizikába

Application of novelty geophysical measurements in hydrogeology and engineering geophysics


  • SERFŐZŐ Antal
  • ANDRÁS Eduárd
  • KASSAY Zsombor
  • FUKKER Norbert
  • SZŐTS Gergely
  • BUJDOSÓ Márton




The humanity is facing enormous challenges in the upcoming decades: decreasing resources, growing population, huge metropolises, increasing sea level due to the global climate changes, floods and drought. The adaptation to these complex challenges can only be done with different innovative methods. Faster and more precise monitoring systems must be established. We must see and controll the processes better that takes place in our environment so we can manage in time the outcome of these events in a way that more appropriate for us. The former large and expensive sensors and instruments will be replaced by large amount of cheaper ones, so the former large and expensive mesurements can be mass products.

In our presentation we will introduce results from the field of hydrogeology and engineering geophysics, where the decision making processes could be more faster and easier to interpret based on the evaluation of the large amount subsurface data.