Magmakeveredésre utaló makroszkópos és mikroszkópos jegyek a dél-hargitai shoshonitokban

The macroscopic and microscopic signatures of magma mixing and mingling in the South Harghita shoshonites


  • KOVÁCS Dániel
  • GÁL Ágnes
  • SZAKÁCS Sándor
  • SZABÓ Csaba


Dél-Hargita, shoshonit, magmakeveredés


In this study we examined Pleistocene shoshonites from the southern part of the Harghita Mts. (Romania). The goal of our research was to study macroscopic and microscopic signatures of presumed magma mixing and mingling processes as seen in the shoshonites from the Malnaș quarry. The volcanic rocks were investigated by macroscopic and microscopic petrographic observations which confirmed that the shoshonites from the Malnaș quarry went through both magma mixing and magma mingling processes in which a felsic melt and a mafic melt played role during their magma storage and transport phases


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