Zártcellás alumíniumhab fárasztóvizsgálata

Fatigue test of closed cell aluminum foam


  • BALOGH Gábor
  • GÁBORA András
  • FILE Máté


zártcellás alumíniumhab, nyomóvizsgálat, fárasztóvizsgálat, élettartam


The aim of this research is to determine the compressive strength of closed-cell aluminum foams, to monitor the change of mechanical properties during the cyclic applied repetitive stress, and to describe them mathematically and mechanically. The resulting mechanical and deformation measurements are essential in materials science. Knowledge of the exact material properties of a given substance is important for the definition of the relevant usability, applicability, and further technological steps. The theoretical background of the research can be carried out in a way well defined in the literature, the exploratory nature of the research in the field of certain materials, especially foamed closed-cell metal alloys, has practical significance.


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