Mélyművelésű ásványbánya üregeinek biztosítására és tömedékelésére használt anyagok vizsgálata

Testing backfilling, baseplate and roof support materials used in an underground industrial mineral mine


  • MOLNÁR József
  • FAITLI József


talk, tömedékelés, üregbiztosítás, nyomószilárdság, húzószilárdság


Not far from the Hungarian border in Slovakia there is a new talc mine in operation. The mine itself is located northwest of Roznava close to village Gemerská Poloma. The mine is owned and operated by EUROTALC s.r.o. firm. Due to the excellent quality of the mined out talc it became one of main objects to mine out the total mineral reserve without significant extraction losses. That is why backfilling, shotcreting and reinforcing the base of the drifts and chambers is in question. Utilization of the total amount of mine and mineral processing plant waste for this purpose is intended. Beside the waste other kinds of fine grained bulk materials could be used for backfilling too. A European Union project named MineTALC was established in EIT Raw Materials program. It will be finished till March, 2023. The leader of the project is Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia) and numerous European universities and research firms joined to it. Institution of Mining and Geotechnical Engineering and institution of Raw Materials Preparation and Environmental Processing of University of Miskolc (Hungary) are fulfilling preparation of samples prescribed by the project and their mechanical material and strength laboratory testing. Testing and its main results are discussed in the paper.


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