A Vörös-tenger középső–keleti részének negyedidőszaki paleo-oceanográfiája

The Quaternary paleoceanography of the central-eastern Red Sea


  • GYÖRGY Anetta
  • ORBÁN Alexandra
  • SILYE Lóránd


negyedidőszak, Vörös-tenger, foraminifera, bentosz, paleokörnyezet


The Quaternary history of the central-eastern part of the Red Sea is not well constrained due tot he limited amount of the data. Therefore, little is known about the paleoceanography of the area. Thus, we investigated a 160 cm long core recovered at 340 m water-depth. Our main objective was to shed light on the Quaternary paleoproductivity and sea-level of the region. The high-resolution sampling (~3 cm) and the benthic foraminiferal based proxies used provided a detailed paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the studied area.


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