Az évszakok változása Marosvásárhelyen, 1951-2022-es éghajlati idősorok alapján

The change of seasons in Târgu Mureș based on 1951-2022 climatological time series


  • RUSZ Ottilia


Târgu Mureș, seasons, temperatures, precipitation, change, /, Marosvásárhely, évszakok, hőmérséklet, csapadék, változások


Climatological time series of seasons from the period 1951-2022 in Târgu Mureș were analysed. The results show increasing trends in mean temperatures, mean of maximum and minimum temperatures in winter, spring and summer. Two-part regression analyses evidenced that winter ends earlier. A positive trend is characteristic for summer and tropical days, length of heatwaves (in summer), number of days with precipitation in winter and autumn. The number of days with snow cover and cold nights has an increasing trend.


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