Kora pleisztocén (MIS 42-45) bentosz foraminifera együttesek a dél-portugál partvidékről (Cádizi-öböl)

Benthic foraminifera assemblages on the southern Portuguese margin during early Pleistocene Marine Isotope Stages 42-45


  • KICSI Anna
  • VOELKER Antje
  • MOLINA Giulia


Portuguese Margin, benthic foraminifera, MOW, early Pleistocene, /, Déli portugál perem, bentosz foraminifera, kora pleisztocén


Although climate variability during the Pleistocene is well-constrained, less is known about the climate dynamics and their impact on benthic foraminiferal assemblages prior to the Middle Pleistocene Transition known as the ‘41 kyr world’. Therefore, benthic foraminiferal assemblages, sensitive to variations in factors such as organic matter fluxes, pore water oxygenation and bottom water conditions as well as variations in Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW), were studied from IODP Site U1387 (Gulf of Cadiz) covering Early Pleistocene glacial/interglacial cycles of Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 42 to late MIS 45 (1.33–1.39 Ma).


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