A kétszeres gazdasági átállás hatása az ásványi nyersanyagok szükséglet növelésére

The effect of the double economic transition on increasing the need for mineral raw materials


  • ANDRÁS József
  • KOVÁCS József
  • DOSA János


mineral raw materials, transition, clean energy, electric vehicles, energy sector, /, ásványi nyersanyagok, átmenet, tiszta energia, elektromos járművek, energiaszektor


Minerals are an essential component of many parts of today's fast-growing clean energy technologies – from wind turbines and power grids to electric vehicles. Demand for these minerals will grow rapidly as the clean energy transition accelerates. The paper examines some prospects for the transformation of the complex relationships between minerals and the energy sector in the green transition, focused mainly on electric vehicles expansion and related mineral resources demand increase, revealing the twinning of energy transition and digitalization which leads to a transition from hydrocarbon energy bearing towards metal ores driven global economy.


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