A Keleti-Kárpátok ásványvizes fúrásainak gáz-elemzése hatékony és alacsony költségvetésű módszerrel

Low-cost instrumentation for the gas-analysis of the mineral water wells in the Eastern Carpathians


  • Roland SZALAY
  • Boglárka-Mercedesz KIS


CO2, gas-emission, drilling, mineralwater, low-cost tool, /, gázömlés, geodinamika, fúrás, ásványvíz


Our aim was to investigate the composition of gas emissions from selected wells/drillings located in the Eastern-Carpathians. This was challenging due to their high water and gas discharge, intermittent behavior or constructions, and often difficult to reach. Therefore we applied a low-cost and handmade tool, a barrel with a specific design, which made possible the separation of gas and water phases, the extraction of gas, and the measurement with a specially designed, portable device (Multi-GAS). The hand-made barrel technique and the closed cell for gas and water phase separation, assisted as an opportunity to gain information about the CO2, CH4 and H2S concentration of the gases derived from the wells/drillings.


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