A Pannon-medence (s.s) és az Erdélyi-medence: szerkezetfejlődési összehasonlítás

The Pannonian Basin (s.s) and the Transylvanian basin: a structural comparison


  • István GYÖRFI


Pannonian Basin, Transylvanian Basin, Vrancea, geodynamic, /, Pannon-medence, Erdélyi-medence, Vráncsa, geodinamika


The Pannonian (s.s.) and Transylvanian Basins are situated in between the Alpine, Carpathian and Dinaric Orogens in a back-arc geodynamic setting. The Pannonian Basin is thought to represent an extensional basin developed on the metamorphic and Mesozoic Alcapa and Tisza-Dacia terranes. The extensional model envisages a McKenzie-type scenario involving synrift and postrift sedimentation. It has been proposed that the extension is the effect of the subduction roll back (Royden 1993) triggered by the continuous retreat and verticalization of the subducted East Europen Platform. According to the present knowledge, the Vrancea Zone would represent the last relict of the roll-back process. The present study will highlight the limitations of the applicability of the McKenzie and Royden models, and will discuss the markedly different geodynamic scenarios of the Pannonian (s.s.) and Transzlvanioan Basins.


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