Esősúlyos törési vizsgálatok alkalmazása kőbányászati anyagokon

Application of single particle drop weight test on quarry materials


  • Izabella Rebeka MÁRKUS
  • Ádám RÁCZ


egyszemcse törés, esősúlyos vizsgálatok, törési energia, andezit


Comminution is an energy-intensive and inefficient process, the optimisation of which constitutes a significant issue of our days. For this purpose, the better understanding the factors influencing the breakage process is vital. Single particle breakage tests, including the drop weight test, are a tool frequently used for this purpose. In the present article drop weight tests were carried out on andesites from Hungary to understand their breakage properties.  The results showed that the breakage is influenced by multiple factors, like impact energy and rock properties as well.


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