Eltérő kezelősók és Al-5%Ti-1%B előötvözet adagolás olvadékminőségre gyakorolt hatásának vizsgálata Al-7%Si-0,5%Cu-0,4%Mg ötvözet esetén

Investigation of the effect of different fluxes and Al-5%Ti-1%B master alloy addition on the melt quality of Al-7%Si-0,5%Cu-0,4%Mg alloy


  • Levente BOGOLY
  • Tamás MENDE


alumínium, olvadékminőség, zárvány, olvadéktisztítás, szemcsefinomítás


Rotary degassing coupled with the addition of different fluxes is the most common melt treatment method in aluminum casting, due to its high efficiency in inclusion removal and grain refining. In this study, the effect of different fluxes and master alloy addition was investigated on the melt and casting quality in different stages of melt preparation. The decrease of the inclusion content and the susceptibility to pore formation were investigated by K-mold and Density Index samples. The grain refinement was compared by thermal analysis and image analysis of Barker-etched samples.



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