A népvándorlásokról TELEKI Pál nyomán

About Migrations According to TELEKI Pál / Despre migrație după TELEKI Pál

  • BOTH Mária Gabriella
Keywords: Teleki Pál, népvándorlás, geográfus, vizsgálati módszer


The human race has spead all over the word by migration. Man migrates in every part without exception, of the globe; in some places more easily, more quickly, more often in other more seldom and with greater difficulty. Migrations are not isolated events, the are adjuncts of human life. They are as multiplex, composed, of as many factors, as varied as life itself – by Pál Teleki. He shows these events trough the spectacles of the geographer. Nowadays his one hundred years of essays are instructivs. It is again today actual, as the possible researches method of the migrations of the peoples.


Migrația a fost și este un proces natural. Teleki Pál a studiat migrația din punct de vedere geografic. Ideile și metodele lui sunt actuale și astăzi.